Early- and Mid-Career Professionals

Adapt to changes and flourish in new tech environments.

Having a fulfilling career is about staying ahead of the curve, being open to opportunities and always adding to your skillset. Nimble and flexible, the most successful professionals embrace change and crave impactful work.

Through tailored projects and team challenges, our early- and mid-career programs focus on adaptation and accountability — must-haves at high-growth companies. Participants tackle business problems related to disruption. They also get the extra kick of adding the TALENT X brand to their portfolios while gaining access to community events and industry experts.

Achieve your goals, scale up and cultivate your professional skills to lead in high-tech environments

Early- and  Mid-Career Professionals

Professionals seek advancement opportunities and various ways to add to their skillset. Adapting to change in the tech ecosystem is essential to gaining access to higher tier positions.  Certify your career with tailored projects and team challenges with a focus on adaptation and accountability.

Level-up and lead in high-growth environments by learning from tech industry leaders, working on portfolio-building projects from select tech companies and applying new tools and structures to tackle daily organizational challenges.

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