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DIBS (Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging)

Retain diversity in your workplace

Create inclusive organizational cultures

Build belonging into organizational structures

Self-paced; Certificate of Completion

Duration: 4 hours

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What does it mean to be publicly funded?

As a team dedicated to continuous improvement, we collect information about our participants. We use this information in order to understand our participants, keep improving, and to report on our work to our funders, the RBC Foundation and United Way. We share a commitment with our funders to collect more data on the experiences and needs of diverse talent in Toronto.

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Personal Branding

Discover your personal brand

Know how to sell yourself and pitch your brand

Give recruiters what they’re looking for

Self-paced; Certificate of Completion

Duration: 5 hours

Customer Focus

Grow a customer-centric mindset for your product or project

Test your assumptions using a customer discovery process

Align your projects and products with customer wants and needs

Duration: 5 hours

Self-paced, post-course certificate

The Startup Environment

Grow and fund a start-up

Structure a start-up organization

Understand the lifestyle and build culture in a startup

Duration: 3 hours

Self-paced, post-course certificate

Transformative Leadership

Lead with empathy and emotional intelligence

Mitigate risk and fail productively

Create a lifelong culture of learning in your workspace

Duration: 4 hours

Self-paced, post-course certificate

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Navigating Ambiguity

Apply integrative thinking strategies to produce higher quality ideas and decisions

Identify strategic foresight techniques to reduce uncertainty and turn ambiguity into insights

Use hypothesis-driven learning to turn failures into productive lessons

Duration: 4 hours

Self-paced, post-course certificate

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