Project Description

Talent Fuels Tech

TALENT X recognizes that for Canada to remain competitive, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)’s technology employers must be able to connect with a highly competitive talent pool that is trained with the skills and mindsets necessary for the future of work.

Many leading countries have focused their talent strategies at the regional level and have done so with great success. We seek to replicate this approach by focusing our research and strategic efforts on the GTA. By implementing actions derived from our market research and subsequent strategy, our goals are to increase the pool of top talent from which our tech companies can source and hire employees, and to help build a truly inclusive regional economy through the tech ecosystem.

To better help understand these dynamics, TALENT X, while still at MaRS Discovery District, undertook a comprehensive research study that surveyed Toronto tech talent to understand their job-seeking behaviours and held qualitative focus groups with employers. This report incorporates insights gained from our research to define appropriate strategies that might better connect the supply of talent (tech-sector professionals) to the demand for talent (employment opportunities among ventures and corporations) within the innovation ecosystem in the GTA.

Key report findings

  • More than half of currently employed tech talent is actively interested in other employment opportunities beyond their current job.
  • There are significant mismatches between where job seekers are looking for work and where companies are sourcing employees.
  • There is a general lack of knowledge about startups and limited employer-brand recognition deters job seekers from considering startup employment opportunities.
  • Companies feel that cultural fit in the workplace is critical, sometimes identifying it as more important than technical skills when determining what applicant to hire.
  • Visible minority workers were more likely to be jobseekers.
  • Employers are recruiting with an emphasis on technical skills, but are hiring talent based on the mindsets for growth required to thrive in their organization and the future of work.


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